Apex Anesthesia Services provides comprehensive, safe and reliable mobile anesthesia services. These services facilitate your ability to increase practice revenue and to significantly enhance patient satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing highly individualized anesthesia coverage centered around your practice’s needs and scheduling preferences.


We can convert a room in your office into a procedure area within fifteen minutes of our arrival. We also provide all necessary staff, equipment, medications and supplies. Our experienced, licensed anesthesia providers, in combination with our state-of-the-art  equipment and convenient mobile operation, enables us to create a HOSPITAL QUALITY SURGICAL SETTING in any dental office. We bring everything to you, turning your treatment room into a cutting-edge surgical suite


Our anesthesia services allow quick procedure turnover time, speedy discharge from facility, and allows you to see patients between procedures or perform other practice-related tasks.

We provide full in-office outpatient surgical support, allowing you to concentrate fully on the procedure with convenience and efficiency for your patient. You no longer have to refer your patients elsewhere because we will travel to your office. Your patients will be able to keep their privacy with the staff they already know and trust.


We are experienced in all aspects of office-based anesthesia and recovery. We use the newest and safest techniques to provide the highest level of comfort while allowing rapid recovery from anesthesia.


  • We provide highly personalized services that dramatically enhance patient satisfaction with office-based experience.
  • From the moment the patient walks through the doors to the moment of discharge, we address every concern the patient may have.
  • We use short-acting anesthesia medications that enhance the patient’s well being after procedure and facilitate easy return to normal daily functions. Patients are typically ready for discharge within 30 minutes of procedure completion.
  • Patient satisfaction is further enhanced through pre-operative telephonic interviews before the day of surgery, and postoperative follow-up the day after surgery to determine their level of satisfaction with our care.
  • Patients have less out of pocket expenses, and are able to benefit from efficient scheduling and less time away from family and work.


We are a paperless company. For your convenience, we provide iPads to
quickly export all patient information and consents electronically using a HIPAA protected server. Eliminating paper creates a streamline office workflow by reducing the stress of keeping track of every patient document. All information can also be provided in Spanish and Russian languages.


Dentists pay nothing to use our serves. We work directly with patients and accept all major insurances. We offer Care Credit and accept all major credit cards.

Indications for Dental Anesthesia Include:

  • Patient or Practitioner Preference
  • Pediatric Dental Treatments
  • Physical or Mental Challenges
  • High Anxiety / Low Pain Threshold
  • Full Mouth Dental Treatments
  • Prolonged Dental Treatments
  • Osseous Oral Surgery Procedures
  • History of Local Block Failure
  • Accentuated Gag Reflex
  • History of Local Anesthetic Allergy
  • Stable Coexisting Medical Problems


How do we schedule for office-based anesthesia?

Many of our practitioners’ offices have set days every month that are reserved for scheduling anesthesia required procedures. Typically, offices who want to see Apple Health or our contracted PPO plans will need to schedule an entire day as these plans are heavily discounted. We are happy to work with each office and develop a plan that works for you.

What type of space or equipment is required to have you come to our office?

Your office does not need any special equipment. We bring all of the necessary equipment and monitors with us. All we ask for is a procedure room and one examination room that can be used for a recovery room.

What are the NPO guidelines?

Patient must not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before procedure

If the procedure is scheduled after 10 AM, then he or she may have up to one cup or 8 ounces of water or clear liquids up to two hours before scheduled time of procedure. Clear liquids are any type of liquid that you can see through clearly when poured into a glass such as Gatorade, PowerAde, or black coffee. No milk or dairy.

If criteria above is not followed, patient’s procedure may be postponed or cancelled.

What are some of the other requirements that the patient should be aware of?

Patients should wear comfortable clothing for their procedure with short sleeves to allow easy access for starting IV’s. They are required to have a responsible adult with them at the procedure and to drive them after, due to the medications used for their sedation.

How do you save patients money?

Our anesthesia services are very cost-effective. Patients do not have to pay thousands of dollars for hospital or surgery center facility fees and separate charges to the anesthesiologist. Our comprehensive solution provides a board-certified anesthesiologist, nursing staff, all medication and equipment for pre and post procedure, and recovery care

What type of patients do you treat?

We treat patients of all ages. We have provided anesthesia for many patients with MH/MR or Autism spectrum disorders and some with combative histories. We have also treated many patients with disorders, including insulin dependent diabetics, seizure disorders, asthma, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, and many other neurologic and other medical disorders in office.

Please contact our office with any specific questions and especially if the patient has a history of malignant hyperthermia (high fever during or following anesthesia), cardiac problems (besides innocent heart murmurs), or severe lung problems.


Contact us at (509) 764-5399 or email us at [email protected]

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