Renae Crittenden RDA, CDAA, DAANCEAnesthesia Assistant

    Renae is a Certified Dental Anesthesia Assistant and has been in dentistry for more than 30 years. She joined Apex team in 2013. Renae enjoys helping patients who have a fear of dentistry become comfortable during their dental treatment by providing a quality anesthesia services. She loves caring for patients like they are a part of her own family. She earns their trust by combining expertise and excellent clinical skills to overcome a patient’s fears, or any obstacle that prevents optimal dental health. Renae loves working with the anesthesia providers at Apex because she learns something new from them every day. They always go above and beyond to ensure we have the best equipment, training and technology at our fingertips to give our patients the best anesthesia experience they’ve ever had in a dental office!

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